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Tobago Guest House For Sale

Owners motivated to sell and will consider offers for this lovely Tobago guest house for sale in Bethel. Find out how this investment property can provide a good return on investment. (ROI).

Bethel Tobago Guest House For Sale

bethel tobago guest house for sale


Vupoint guest house is located next to Mt Irvine Golf Course. Tobago is a tropical paradise situated at the south of the Caribbean island chain, just north-east of its sister island, Trinidad. The guest house is a 20 min. drive from A.N.R. Robinson Airport.

A 5 min. drive from the guest house will take you through the well-manicured Mount Irvine golf course on your way to the closest beach, Mount Irvine Bay, where you will be able to go swimming in the warm salt waters of the Caribbean.

yobago guest house for sale

Area:  Orange Hill Bethel | Tobag0 

Bedrooms: 10

Bathrooms: 9

Parking: 10

Size: 37,000 sq ft

Land: Freehold

Price: TTD 5,495,000.00 | USD 785,000.00 (neg) .

Contact:  (868)-759-1712  

Bedrooms – (10)

There are ten bedrooms. All 14 x 14 and nine are en-suite. Air-condition, built in closets, desks, beds, lamps and tiles are in all bedrooms.

Bathrooms – (9)

One bathroom serves two bedrooms on the second floor for large families. Bathroom have tiles and updated.Very spacious and clean.


There are two well equipped kitchens on the first and second floors. The appliances adds value and potential to the space.

Living Room

The living areas on both floors offers different options. First floor living space can be use for meetings. The second floor living space offers fantastic views of the surrounding areas.


Approximately 30,000 sq ft of yard space is available. There is land space for swimming pool, gazebo, barbecue pit and much more. Thousand gallon tank and pump is installed for an adequate supply of water.

Income Potential

The are 10 rooms that can be rented at $300.00 per night.

Per Day = 300 x 10 = $3000.00

Week = 3000 x 7 = $21,000.00

Per Month = 21,000 x 4 = $84,000.00

At 30% capacity the projected income can total $25,200.00 per month.This amounts to approximately $302,400.00 per year. There is an addition income earner (cell tower) that adds monthly income separate from the guest house. This increases the value to this income investment property.


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Property For Sale In Arima Trinidad

The location of this property for sale in Arima Trinidad is ideal for residential and or commercial use. Buying house or land or both in Arima is a good investment. With the Arima Hospital nearing completion real estate values will increases on Beckles Lane and environs.

Property For Sale In Arima Trinidad – Beckles Lane

property for sale in arima trinidad

beckles lane arima property for sale

Area: Beckles Lane | Arima

Parking: 10

Size: 6,500 sq ft

Price: TTD: 2,500,000.00. (neg)

Type: Leasehold

Contact: (868)-759-1712

Located on the corner of Beckles Lane and Kenneth Street is ths property for sale. Entrances are available on both sides of the compound. There is more to this property to justify the price.

A steel foundation to construct a three story building for commercial use or a two story apartment building. Another option is residential upstairs and studio offices downstairs.

arima property for sale

Area: Quesnel Street | Arima

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 4

Offices: 5

Parking: 3

Size: 7,000 sq ft

Price: TTD: 4,000,000.00. (neg)

Type: Freehold

Contact: (868)-759-1712

Commercial property for sale loacted at corner Quesnel and Percy Street Arima.

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Arima House For Sale – Quensel Street

Arima House For Sale located within walking distance of the Arima Velodrome, Arima market and other businesses within the borough. A corner property with over seven thousand square feet of land there are two entrances. A main driveway and a side street private entrance.

Arima House For Sale

arima house for sale

arima house for sale trinidad kitchen

home for sale in arima

Area:  Quesnel Street | Arima

Bedrooms:  4

Bathrooms: 3.5

Type: Residential

Parking: 6

Size: 7,024 sq ft

Price: $ 4,990,000.00 . TTD (neg)

Contact: (868)-759-1712

Also included:

  • (5) Water tanks
  • Air Conditions
  • Security system
  • Re-enforced steel doors
  • Fruit trees

This a great opportunity to own this Arima house for sale. It is all about location, location and location. The property combines residential and commercial for a bargain price.


commercial building for sale arima trinidad

commercial building for sale

Offices:  5

Bathrooms: 2.5

Parking: 2

Located on the property there are five office spaces available raning in various sizes as follows:

  • #1: 17 x 7 sq ft can be rent as a spa
  • #2: 17 x 10 sq ft ideal for a nail technician
  • #3: 15 x 7 sq ft just right for a barber
  • #4: 15 x 5 sq ft suited for a real estate agent
  • #5: 21 x19 sq ft being used as a doctor’s office presently
  • #6: 55 x 20 sq ft can be used as Doctors Inn

This property can be used as is or with the following options:

Residential option converts to (2) 3 bedroom apartments and (2) 1 bedroom apartments

Commercial will depend on the new owner. However 6 offices spaces are available.

arima land for sale

Area:  Bregon Park | Arima

Type: Freehold

Size: 5,000 sq ft

Price: $ 650,000.00 . TTD (neg)

Contact: (868)-759-1712

Lot #241 land for sale in Bregon Park Arima. Bregon Park is a quiet community between  Arima Old Road and  Eastern Main Road D’Abadie. Safe and only minutes away from Arima Hospital. Owner migrating and will to negotiate. All approvals on hand for new owner to build their family dream home.

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Property For Sale In Sangre Chiquito

This is a great residential and/or commercial property for sale in Sangre Chiquito. With 6 lots of land there is enough land to build apartments and expand.

Sangre Grande. … The Spanish name for blood is ‘Sangre’, so they called the larger tributary ‘Sangre Grande,’ grande meaning ‘big’ in Spanish; and they called the smaller river ‘Sangre Chiquito,’ chiquito being the Spanish word for ‘small’

Property For Sale In Sangre Chiquito

 property for sale in sangre chiquito

house for sale in sangre chiquito

sangre chiquito land for sale

property for sale in sangre chiquito 2

property for sale in sangre chiquito bar new

property for sale in sangre chiquito bar

New Property For Sale In Sangre Chiquito

Area:  Sangre Chiquito | Sangre Grande


Bathrooms: 2

Parking: 5

Size: 30,000 sq ft ( 6 lots)

Land: Freehold

Price: TTD 2,500,000.00 (neg) .

Contact:  (868)-759-1712  

Ref: TnT1073

Located on the Eastern Main Road with parking this property is full of potential. Newly built bar comes with tiled floors, gypsum ceiling and air-conditioned. Six lots of land in total for $ 2.5 million make this a steal of a deal. Lights, water and all necessary paper work are available for  potential buyers.

Land for sale in Sangre Chiquito. Five lots of land are available for apartments or business. Flat land with all the amenities makes this an investment opportunity.

Sangre Chiquito, a small village located after Sangre Grande. Sea bathers use the Eastern Main Road which passes through Sangre Chiquito to get to Manzanilla Beach making it a potential goal mine.

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Commercial Building For Sale In Chaguanas Trinidad

Commercial building for sale located in a high traffic area of Chaguanas, this is ideal for your new or established business with ease of access and exit.

Commercial Building For Sale In Trinidad – Chaguanas

This is a 3 storey building with a total of 7400 sq. ft floor space. The property and its equipment are very well maintained and can be occupied by a single entity or multiple businesses if so desired. Building space measures just over 5000 ft lot. The property comes with 8 functional and regularly serviced Air-condition units and offers three washrooms, 8 car park spaces and CCTV monitoring and alarm system.

commercial building for sale in chaguanas trinidad

Commercial building for sale in chaguanas

commercial building for sale in trinidad

building for sale in chaguanas trinidad

Commercial Building For Sale Chaguanas Trinidad

Area: Penco Street | Chaguanas

Floors: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Parking: 8

Lot Size: 5,000 sq ft

Price: TTD: 8,500,000.00 (neg) .

Built: 2008

Contact: (868)-759-1712


commercial buildings for sale in trinidad and tobago

Area: Chaguanas Main Road | Chaguanas

Floors: 3

Bathrooms: 3.4

Parking: 20

Lot Size: 10,000 sq ft

Price: TTD: 12,000,000.00 (neg) .

Contact: (868)-759-1712


This property is currently occupied by Mario’s Pizza and MIC. The property is a 3 store building, each floor is approximately 4000 sq ft. The ground floor is Mario’s pizza, MIC and the third floor is vacant. The current monthly income is $50,500.00 with the third floor being vacant. The potential income for this property is $69,500.00 monthly. The property runs from the Chaguanas to John street. with entrance on both roads.The property has parking on both John Street and Montrose Main Road.The property is being sold with Tenants


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