San Fernando Trinidad Land For Sale offers San Fernando Trinidad land for sale. Where is San Fernando in Trinidad and Tobago? How to purchase land in San Fernando? This opportunity will allow you to build your dream home from foundation to finish. Type: Land For Sale Size: 5,000 sq ft Price: $845,000.00 (neg) Contact: … Continue reading San Fernando Land For Sale

5000 sq ft

Las Lomas #1 Trinidad Land For Sale   Looking for Las Lomas Trinidad land for sale? Where is Las Lomas #1 in Trinidad and Tobago? Why buy land for sale in Las Lomas Trinidad?  What is the price for land in Las Lomas Trinidad? Area:   Mosque Road  | Las Lomas #1    Type: Land (19 … Continue reading Las Lomas Trinidad Land

Freeport Land For Sale $ 675,000.00

Freeport Land For Sale

$ 675,000.00

Freeport Land For Sale Trinidad Why Freeport land for sale Trinidad is a good buy? Where is Freeport Trinidad? What is the size of the lot of land for sale in Freeport? What is the price per square foot for Freeport Trinidad land for sale? Area:   Krystal Gardens | Freeport       Type: Land Price: … Continue reading Freeport Land For Sale

Guaico Tamana Trinidad Land Guaico Tamana Trinidad land for sale as an investment property. What can be done with this lot of land for sale in Guaico Tamana? Where is Guaico Tamana? Buying land in Tamana, Sangre Grande will enhance your real estate portfolio. This 10,000 square feet of land can be sold together or … Continue reading Guaico Tamana Trinidad Land For Sale

San Juan Land For Sale $ 1,200,000.00

San Juan Land For Sale

$ 1,200,000.00

San Juan Land For Sale – Don Miguel Road This land for sale is on Don Miguel Road, San Juan. It is situated in an ideal location for building apartments for a residential/commercial property. Area:   Don Miguel  | San Juan   Type:  Land Size: 6,250 sq ft Price: $1,200,000.00 (neg) Contact: (868)-283-1172 This land for sale … Continue reading San Juan Land For Sale

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